Thursday, April 15, 2010

Screw Thoughts for Thursday..

I was going to post today since I haven't posted all week, wrote up this nice long blog post, added videos and pictures--the whole shebang..

THEN, my blog wanted to act like a fool and mess up my post--the text was running off the page and it just looked stupid and you couldn't read it. I have been trying to fix it, and nothing is working. I refuse to type everything again because I don't have time and Paislee is about to throw her daily temper tantrum so here is a quick summary--

-I'm mad at American Idol--first Didi, now Andrew-UGH! I am now crushing on Lee and Tim-LOVED Tim's performance last night!
-My mom was supposed to leave Tuesday but hurt her foot and is stuck here for another week-woo hoo!
-Both she and Jason leave me next Monday--Jason will be gone for a week, I will probably be a nervous wreck! I have a feeling he will come home to a spoiled little girl and a frazzled mama!
-We took Paislee to get weighed yesterday--10lb. 2 oz., 22 in. long--will she grow this much every week??
-This picture cracks me up:

I hope everyone has had a great week and has an even better weekend! I 
know Jodi will with her BRAND NEW NEPHEW!


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