Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

Ahh...2 days down, 4 to go!

My mom was here from the day Paislee was born, and Jason has been home every night (minus one or two duty days) since she was born. Monday, they both left me. Yesterday was ROUGH. Paislee must know who the softy of the house is (me) because she has taken full advantage since they have been gone. She was awake all day yesterday, wanting to be held ALL DAY LONG. Anytime I put her down, she screamed. I know, people tell me I need to let her cry it out, or even better--scream it out, but I just CAN'T. I'll probably regret it, and pay later but that pitiful little cry just breaks my heart every time and mama has to come to the rescue. Her lack of sleep paid off last night and she slept from 2 a.m. until Jason called and woke us up this morning at 7:30. I figured I would take advantage of her 3 hour nap she is working on right now and blog--how come I feel guilty for going a few days without blogging?

Really though, there isn't much to say. It's me and Paislee girl this week by ourselves, and we are hanging in there :o) I am procrastinating, as always. I have 2 projects left and I will officially be DONE with school, problem is--I haven't even started on one of those projects-whoops! It's hard to type with one hand, while holding a squirming baby in the other! I have until Monday to get the projects finished and turned in, wish me luck! (Luckily, one is a group project and ALMOST finished!)

Okay, sorry to cut this short and be so boring but I see little arms shooting up in the air every minute or so from the bassinet, which means...dun dun dun...she's waking up! Hope everyone is doing great :o)



  1. Hang in there sweetheart! Us bloggers will still be here :)

  2. don't worry i've been mia lately too! you better get those projects finished--the teacher in me is saying that!! =)