Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thought's for Thursday

Sorry I haven't been updating much lately. Being a Mommy is hard work! People warned me that it would be, but I thought for sure that I would still have plenty of time for blogging and for Facebook--boy was I wrong!

--It HAS been the best week of my life though. Busy, yes. But I have never felt so much joy and happiness and LOVE in my life. This little girl is just the sweetest thing I have ever laid my eyes on. I could hold her all day long and just watch her every little move and listen to her every little grunt and never get bored. Sometimes I want to cry because I love her so much and realize that I am responsible for keeping her safe and that just scares me. I dread her first skinned knee or smashed finger, and will probably cry harder than she does.

--Paislee was born "tongue tied". The little piece of skin under her tongue was too far to the front, keeping her from being able to stick her tongue out, which made it hard for her to eat. The Dr. wanted to wait a couple of days to see if she could adapt to it, but after 2 days of her going 12 hours without eating--we decided that something needed to be done. Saturday we took her to the hospital and had the Dr. clip it. Paislee didn't cry, or even seem to know that anything had been done, and has since been a brand new baby. She is eating great now, has gained all of her weight back and is sleeping good too.

--Now that I have caught up on sleep, I am back to staying up pretty late. We usually go to bed around 12 or so, and I feed her before we go to bed. For the past 3 nights she has slept until about 4 a.m.! That's like 3-4 hours of sleep I am getting at a time, which is great compared to no sleep the first two nights, which was EXHAUSTING.

--My milk has came in, and let me tell you--Pamela Anderson has NOTHING on me. Girls with no boobs, when you have a baby and your milk comes in, you will realize WHY you should be happy that you weren't "blessed" with a chest.

--My mom is here for 3 weeks to help with Paislee and thank God for her. She has been a lifesaver and I don't know HOW we would have gotten through the past week without her. She has not only been helping with sweet baby, but has been cooking and cleaning as well. THANK YOU MAMA! I LOVE YOU!

--Is anyone as bored with American Idol as I am? This season just isn't doing it for me, maybe I am just distracted and not paying enough attention, but I'm bored with it already.

--I gained about 45 lbs. while I was pregnant :o( But I've lost 25 lbs. so far! Halfway done! Hopefully my little piggy will drain me dry and help me lose the rest and maybe even more--wouldn't that be nice? Either way, it's diet time!

Well, that's all I can think of right now! Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the WARM weather that we AREN'T getting here in Valdez. Is it time to start a countdown to when we get to leave this place? I think so.
The way it is looking right now we won't be able to leave until around July 15--106 days left!

Happy 1 week Birthday to my sweet little girl!!!


  1. Happy to hear that you all are doing well!!! She is too cute, enjoy her!

  2. Parker was born tongue-tied also, or short tongued. it didn't really effect him with eating or drinking from a bottle, so we knew it wasn't too bad and opted not to have it done early on. We just had his "surgery procedure" done this past november and it went well, but was a little scary. We were afraid it would impair with his speech, so it's a good thing you went ahead with it. Glad she is doing well now! Enjoy your little miracle and having your mom's help - always the best!

  3. that stinks that you aren't going to be able to leave until July 15-i was hoping you would be here for the 4th! oh well-can't wait to see you and more importantly (haha-j/k) Paislee!

    good job for losing 25 already! you go girl!