Friday, April 23, 2010


I haven't been able to put this spoiled sweet child of mine down this week. She seriously has been held almost every second of every day this week. I really have tried to put her down, make her sleep in her bassinet, put her in her swing, lay her on the couch, etc. she just won't let me. I tried to let her cry for about 2 minutes, yes thats all that I lasted and I just couldn't take it anymore. Yesterday I discovered the Baby Bjorn tucked away and decided to give it a try. She loves it. So now I can get stuff done, with a big, 10 pound baby attached to my chest (as if I didn't have 2 other babies attached to my chest, and as if THEY weren't big enough). I have a feeling I will pay big time for this, but I am desperate to get things done around this house and to get a nap during the day (sleeping in the recliner with her on my chest). My back is killing meeeee......We are ready for daddy to get home!!!!!! Mama needs a good nights sleep, a haircut, pedicure, manicure and a cocktail! Let Jason know, please--my first Mother's Day is coming up ;o)

We received Paislee's birth announcements earlier this week and I have finally gotten them all addressed and half mailed out, the other half will go out when Jason gets back and gets to the post office to mail them out, I am confined to the house in fear of putting Paislee BACK in the carseat and listening to her scream the whole way into town, again. Anyways, the birth announcements are SUPER cute, and I can't wait for everyone to see them! I will post a copy up here once I think most have them have reached their recipients, I want it to be a surprise :o) I had them made here.

Valdez is looking better and better everyday, we can see grass in our front yard! Woo hoooooo! I never want to see snow again, ever ever ever.....I am ready for warm, sunny days, cookouts, walks, and having the sun out until midnight so I'm not scared on the nights that Jason isn't here :o)

We hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Hey! How do you get a link posted on here (like when you said I had them made here) and you can click on hear. I can not figure it out for the life of me!!!

  2. do you write a word and cross a line through it. :) i have tried to figure that one out for a while now. those backaches are miserable and unfortunately they don't go away because the kids only get bigger! and the other two things attached to your chest STAY bigger. ha! :( enjoy your little beauty though, but don't spoil her too much, crying can be a good thing missy.