Saturday, September 4, 2010

5 Months--Oops! Late!

So so sorry Miss Paislee! I am a little late posting your 5 month birthday blog! It has obviously been a super busy summer, and I feel really guilty that this is late, but all that matters is that I am still posting :o) Right?

Paislee, I'm not too sure how much you weigh right now, because we are living in a hotel room right now and I don't have a scale, but I am guessing between 16-17 lbs! I won't even try to guess how long you are, because I really don't have a clue--but you are growing like a little weed! You have almost outgrown all of your 6 month clothes, and you are now wearing 9 month and even 12 month clothes. I am hoping that you will wear 9 months through the fall, and 12 months through the winter (because that's what I have been buying). You are still wearing size 2 diapers, but I have a feeling that this last box I just bought will probably be the last of that size! Please stop growing so fast, it makes me so sad to pack up your clothes. I just hope I can give you a little sister one day, so you can not only boss her around and play school with her, but to also pass down all of your SWEET clothes to since you didn't wear them enough ;o)

You have changed SO much in the past month. It is doing you so much good to be around different people every day, a HUGE change from when we lived in Alaska and all you ever saw was me and daddy. You are developing a sweet little personality, and you are such a happy baby! You love to squeal and laugh--a LOT! You are also starting to yap yap yap--move your mouth a LOT when you talk, I LOVE IT!

You have recently started drinking water, which you love (like mama). You first started opening your mouth and reaching for my cup when you saw me drinking it, now you get excited and just about jump out of my arms when you see me pick up a cup. You even drink from a straw--you don't suck it up the straw, but I get some in the straw and put it in your mouth--you love it and would drink it all day if I would let you! (Edit: I have been working on this post in my free time over the past week--yesterday, we went to lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse, and I just put the straw in her mouth for laughs, and she slurped the water up the straw!!! I screamed because it scared me, I didn't expect it, and she got a big ol' mouthful and wasn't expecting it herself, ha!)

You are getting better every day with your solids. You have had: bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots, apples, green beans, peaches and squash. Your favorite is green beans, by far! You LOVE them! Next I think we will try peas since you seem to like your greens (tried them earlier this week--not a success. Neither were the peaches) You still only eat solids once a day, before your nightly bath. I'm not too sure when I'm supposed to give you solids twice a day? I'm new at this parenting thing ;o)

You are now sitting by yourself! I think its a little early for you to be sitting?? You have fallen forward and bumped your head a few times, but now you are staying up for the most part! You are also rolling over both ways, but mostly from your back to your tummy. When you are on your tummy you pull your feet up under your knees, and it makes me cringe, because I know that you will be crawling VERY soon and I am not quite ready for that! Time to baby proof!

We are NOW in our new home, living in Falmouth, Maine. We have a 2 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom townhouse. Your nursery is in the study for now, it isn't very big, but big enough for all of your furniture. We wanted to leave the spare bedroom open, since we are living so close to 'home' now, we are expecting lots and LOTS of visitors ;o).

We haven't been posting your monthly pictures on the blog, pointing it out in case you haven't noticed. Our card reader broke and we haven't had a chance to get a new one yet. We have been taking the monthly pictures still, and hope to get them all uploaded before your 1st birthday! :o)

We love you little girl, more and more everyday!


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