Sunday, September 5, 2010

Back to Blogging!

Lets see if I can get back into this blogging thing that I love so much, now that things have FINALLY settled down!

Jason and I have been wanting to get into a church together for a while now (since we lived in Alaska). We went one time in Alaska during the last month of my pregnancy, yes, it took us THAT long to go, so we decided to stop making excuses and just GO. I looked up a few churches in the area online, and decided on a baptist church here in Falmouth. The devil was working against us this morning, trying his hardest to keep us from getting there, but we FINALLY made it! The church looked like a big church on its website, but when we pulled in and saw about 10 parking spaces, we ALMOST decided to leave, ha! Jason talked me into going in, and I'm glad that he did. Everyone was VERY friendly. I was worried that Paislee would throw a fit in the middle of the service, but I am not QUITE ready to hand her over to a stranger in the nursery so I decided to give her a chance in church. She was WONDERFUL! She didn't make a peep, and even slept a little during the loud sermon. Afterwards, we had some snacks in the fellowship hall, something they do EVERY Sunday, and came home and had lunch....and took some pictures of Paislee's first day of church :o)

Here are her 3 and 4 month pictures:

and one in her "I was born in Valdez, Alaska" t-shirt:

AND a video of Gorilla Daddy for your enjoyment :o)
Shhh....don't tell him I put that up ;o)


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  1. Ashley, Paislee gets cuter and cuter with every photo! LOVE her! Can't wait to see you guys :)