Saturday, September 25, 2010

6 Months

Paislee Marie, you are SIX months old today!

I never thought I would make it this far alive, ha! In the beginning, everyone was just telling me to get through the first 3 months and everything would be okay, and it was! And since then, the months have FLOWN by! I can barely keep up!

You weigh 18.6 lbs, and you are still wearing a size 2 diaper, although I have started buying size 3 because they are much easier to get on your squirmy booty ;o) You are wearing mostly size 9 month clothes, but you can wear some 12 months too!

Your sleeping habits were GREAT there for about a week... and then they got all outta whack! You were sleeping a solid 12 hours at night for a week or so, now you go to bed anywhere between 7-10 at night, but no matter what-you are up and at em' at 7 a.m...... and I don't like it! What happened to the 12 hour thing? If you go to bed at 10, do me a favor and get up at 10, will ya? Mama needs some sleep! You are still taking 2-3 naps a day, ranging anywhere from 30 minutes a piece, up to 3 hours! (Usually 45 minutes though).
You love sitting in your highchair to play!

You are still breast feeding, and would prefer to eat every 2 hours, but you can go about 4 hours without eating before you get really grumpy! You like to nurse to sleep as well, but I don't count that, because it's a bad habit and it's all my fault, that we have to stop!.... not everyone can nurse you to sleep, which means you give anyone that isn't mommy a hard time when they try to put you to sleep. Oops! You are still only eating 1 solid meal a day, at supper time, and it's always a vegetable. Your new vegetables this month were sweet potatoes and corn mixed, and mixed garden vegetables. Your favorites are still carrots and squash. I plan to start to give you solids twice a day very soon, I just have to figure out how. You won't eat fruits at all, you gag and I'm scared you're going to throw up, and it just doesn't seem right to feed you veggies for breakfast....? I have started giving you some finger foods and biter biscuits, and you seem to be interested in them... in fact, TOO interested. You want to BITE them instead of suck on them, and it freaks me out. I have a feeling you will like big people food MUCH better than you like little people food, and I can't wait to be able to feed you everything that I eat!

You are the happiest little baby I have ever seen, and everyone you meet seems to agree! You love to laugh and smile and giggle and scream, and you don't care where you are, or who is around. You scream at the top of your lungs a LOT, and I'm worried the neighbors aren't going to like us too much. You were also saying 'ma-ma' for about a week, all day long--daddy didn't like it too much and I think he bribed you or something because you don't say it anymore :o( You do love to laugh at daddy though, even if you didn't say 'da-da' first. He is the best at making you laugh, probably because he is so funny looking goofy ;o)

We started going to a new church this month and everyone brags about how good you are every Sunday. They say "that is the best baby in the world!" and "You wouldn't even know she was in there if you didn't see her, she is so good!". Probably because it's your nap time, but we won't tell them that ;o) You DID toot last week in church, but I think it was daddy and he just tried to blame you.

Ready for church!

You are sitting up perfectly now, all the time. You hardly ever fall over unless you are chasing a toy. It's nice because I can sit you on the floor surrounded by 5,000 toys, and you will entertain yourself for quite some time so I can get things done! Sometimes I will come in the room and you will be 5 feet from where I sat you down, but not because you crawled! Nope, I think you will be a late crawler--I'm calling it now. You can roll though!

We are going home to North Carolina for the whole month of October to visit with your family, daddy is hoping you don't grow as fast as you did this last month or he may not recognize you when we come home. Your Grandma Jan is so excited to see you, she even has a walker for you so you can run all over the house--I can't wait!

Happy half-a-year birthday!
WE love you little girl! You bring so much happiness into our lives every day, and we don't know how we ever lived without you!


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